Saturday, September 13, 2014

Striving Lifewards

Not Who I Am

The barrier stood before me
A reality surely impassable, 
And I myself had to accept
That I for it was responsible.

Its appearance was of great depth,
A multitude like stone,
And on every block there was my name,
Mine and mine alone.

Some blocks were of passion, some of desire,
Some of impulse out of control;
Rendered visible to me the barrier was
My very own state of soul.

Beyond it lay my heart’s desire
To be both loving and free,
And nothing at all stood in my way
Except the wall that was me.

But hope now suffuses my despair
As I strive to do what I can
To take down the wall I know is me,
But in truth is not who I am.


Some Easter Morn

“What have you made of yourself this morn?”

“A factory,” says I.
“To bring forth goods for all mankind
So that we shall not die.”

“And what have you made of yourself this morn?”

“A library,” says I.
“To bring forth knowledge for all mankind
So that we shall not die.”

“And you, what have you made of yourself this morn?”

“A chalice heart,” says I.
“To hold the blood of selfless love
So that we all may die -
And be reborn
Some Easter morn.”

Fission and Fusion

To find yourself in the infinite
Fission and fusion must be
The poles of everything you do
On the road to becoming free.

You fission the world then fusion bring
By deeds both free and moral;
Between these poles you ever strive
To win the life immortal.



Their trust grew in Him at the Wedding Feast
When wine was drawn from water,
But I who never drank there at all,
I’ll  trust in Him forever.

Then Judas betrayed and Peter denied
And Thomas became the Doubter,
But I who never knew Him at all,
 I’ll believe in Him forever.

Saul became Paul when he saw Him
And became His glorious follower,
But I who never saw Him at all,
I’ll follow Him forever.

Some say now they’ll trust, believe and follow
When again He returns the Savior,
But He won’t return, He must be sought
And I shall seek Him forever.

And when I  find Him then shall I be
In freedom with Him


The New is Forever

The Babe was a seed near perfection
Of the world that had grown old,
And it itself could but repeat
The story already told.

And as that seed developed
Into leaf then glorious flower,
Came the season for new seeds 
To form with grown-old power.

But into its blossom’s calyx
Was born from the heavens above
The seed of the old world’s fulfillment:
The seed of Endless Love.

And when into Earth it entered,
We received of its Love and Light
And the “Freedom in Love” new story
We were all empowered to write.


Opaqueness Rightly Valued

Imagine I had no perception
Of the world of sense at all;
Imagine that world in which I had
Not yet experienced the Fall.

And in that world, please imagine,
I was rich as rich could be
Participating all creation -
But not self-consciously.

And cared for was I  by divinities,
In a state of splendor and grace,
Enraptured in flowing relations -
But with no inner reference place.

And above that realm of relating Beings
Was the great Archetype of me, 
But I could not reflect Him at all,
In my state of pure transparency.

And so opaqueness was needed
That Him I might know within,
And for that mysteriously I had to submit
To the deed of Original Sin.

And that’s how I’ve come to know Him,
But as shadow of his nature divine,
And the reality of his true Being
In transparency I’m striving to find.


For Light Prepared

The task I freely gave myself
Was to find the inner sun,
But experience told me that it directly
Could not be gazed upon.

But help there was that I’d prepared
For when I began my search
I peered through my mental images:
Sun glasses darkened by earth,

Which later I didn’t need at all
For then I had come to be
At one with the sun and was shining into
The darkness that helped me be free.



God’s Purpose was in the Creation,
Which I once thought made me unfree,
But now it is as St. Paul has said:
I am the Purpose of me.


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