Saturday, September 6, 2014

Coming to the Other in Different Ways

And Consecrated, Too!

If you were the left hand
And I were the right, 
I’d yearn for a master
Who prayed every night.


Much in Little

Christ created the Jesus Project,
Then into Jesus He came
And empowered him with His very own Being
And gave him also His Name.

“Follow me,” He then said, “To where I’m going.
(Demonstrating ‘how’ for all to see).
"That’s  if you will, of course,” He went on,
“And want to come home to Trinity.” 


On Awakening

A man passed by a lovely rose
And was scratched by it quite badly,
And as the blood flowed forth from him
He uttered words most angrily.

The rose awoke from its sun-devotion,
Its state of dreaming bliss,
And said to herself, how could I so lovely
Be responsible for anything such as this?

(Waking to one’s nature can sometimes bring pain,
But often it’s the only way self-knowledge to gain.)


Question and Answer

“What is greater
Than Love?” He asked.
“He who loves,” 
I replied and passed

Into the realm
Of the Moral Sun,
Where Lover and Love
Are always One.


Freedom To Love the Other

Without the Other
I couldn’t be
Self-conscious of
The I of me.

My challenge now
Is to endeavor
To be I-conscious
Without the Other.

Unless achieved
On the Other
Keeps me unfree.

Only in sleep
And in Death is it gone,
But with it then goes
My I-consciousness won.

I love this Other
That’s awakened me,
But that love can’t be perfect
Until I’ve made myself free.



Life was bitter most every day
Since from the Garden
I was sent away.

But He brought sweetness 
To the marrow of me 
"I shall forever abide in thee.”
Shamed into Fulfilment

While I was selfing and being selfed
Just the other day,
Into my self, so very capacious,
The natural world came to say

That it was really dissatisfied
And loudly it complained,
And demanded to know when I would begin 
That for which I had been ordained.

There was much shame in this for me
To be so by it chastised,
And the Cosmic Intelligence - that now is mine -
I immediately exercised.

So now we’re becoming quite happy together
As fulfilled am I while evolving world nature.



I won’t be too serious about the Passing Show,
Its appearance, its substance, its form,
Its endless parading for my pleasure and pain
And its state of being endlessly reborn;

I’ll keep my seriousness for drawing out God
Who’s spellbound in the parading I see,
And serious too about drawing out His Son
In the Passing Show of me.

(This seriousness is, I think you will find,
The true essential of a “Michael mind.”


In Purity Circling

He was an old ocean steamship
Covered with salt, smoke and grime,
But filled with rich cargo and heading home
After voyaging a very long  time.

She was heading for the open sea 
And her voyage had just begun.
No cargo had she, but so graceful was she
As she sailed to the rising sun.

They met quite far from the harbor
And each admired the other,
And the innocent one and the experienced one
Touched and then circled together.

He  told her of all his adventures
Which on land and sea he’d found
And the love in the telling and listening
In a timelessness both of them bound.

But the old one woke first from that dreaming
Time’s tide told him he must go,
And as she still dreamed, full steam ahead
He signalled his engines below.

And as he broke free, he many tears shed 
But no more than the one left behind,
But that pure loving circling planted a seed
For themselves and all of mankind.


To Gain Allegiance of His Power

Before the Dragon
All bowed are we
Because of spirit lethargy.


We would see
The Dragon before us 
On bended knee.

The choice is ours, whether bowed we remain
Or receive Dragon allegiance when True Self we attain.


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