Saturday, September 27, 2014

For Michaelmas 2014

Introduction: (An "Old" News Item): Pope Francis consecrates Vatican to St Michael Archangel

 In 2013, Pope Francis, joined by Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI consecrated the Vatican to the protection of St Michael Archangel and St Joseph.
Following a brief ceremony in the Vatican gardens, the Holy Father addressed those present:
 "Michael struggles to restore divine justice and defends the People of God from his enemies, above all by the enemy par excellence, the devil. And St. Michael wins because in him, there is God who acts. In consecrating Vatican City State to St Michael the Archangel, I ask him to defend us from the evil one and banish him."

 In the light of the above news item can we go on to imagine for a moment the Goetheanum, the world center for anthroposophy, as being consecrated to the Archangel Michael?  Not only to protect it from evil, but as a radiating center from which comes the New Michael message of the Thinking Heart?  Then to this we can add the words given by Rudolf Steiner in the Last Address:

"May (my) words so speak to your soul that you receive the Michael Thought in the sense of what a faithful follower of Michael may feel when, clothed in the light rays of the Sun, Michael appears and points us to that which must now take place.
 For it must even be so that this Michael garment, this garment of Light, shall become the Words of the Worlds, which can transform the Logos of the Worlds into the Logos of Mankind."
Prepared By the Holy Spirit

In the Christ’s Love-Presence I cannot be
As long as I’m Nature’s creature,
I must at first have made myself free 
And in that Presence then be a potential co-creator.

And for this free meeting Michael alone leads me where
With the Spirit most Holy I can for it prepare.


Free and Realized in Heaven and on Earth

I purpose myself, as only human beings can,
With the goal of becoming free,
And I purpose again what must follow that,
Which is to realize that freedom of me.

For my first purpose I find I must to heaven go,
For the second free deeds on Earth I bestow.


The One to Be Found

My higher self, the heavenly one, 
Has sent me on a great mission
To the Earth, where I am there to wake up
And become the great Truth of the Earth condition.

So to Earth I have come to experience illness and pain
And lies and deceit and betrayal,
And loss of others I love very much 
And experience despair and the great urge for withdrawal,

But I’ve stayed for it's here where I can only be
Working toward Oneness 
with the One who sent me.

When the Thinking Spirit Comes to Self-Knowledge

To create an instrument for the Thinking Spirit
Saturn and Sun came to be,
And for the creation of the Thinking Spirit itself
Moon and Earth had to serve quite perfectly.

 The Thinker became conscious in the Moon-Garden Fall
And self-conscious on Earth when dualism ruled all.

And now in the present of this knowledge at the core,
The spirit thinker who thinks this knows he’s the one it’s all for.


Nevermore to Die

The I opens itself to the spirit,
The living spirit that then enters in
And this living spirit has the “I” for its sheath
Which it then develops most strongly to win

Itself as spirit self forming and living as “I,”
Immortal, eternal, nevermore to die.


The Great and Glorious Countenance

Smile if you will when enthusiastically
I describe the great, glorious nature
Of Lord Michael, the Freedom Lord,
The Bridge-master of our Present's  true Future.

For Michael is the one and only Countenance of
The Christ, our Source of World-Working Free Love.



  1. I was enjoying your Michaelmas verses and found these special verses I thought you might also enjoy:

    Golden light is turning grey,
    Mists begin to rule the day.
    Bare the trees, their branches lift;
    Clouds of dead leaves earthward drift.

    Through the field the farmer goes,
    Seeds of ripened corn he sows;
    Trusts the earth will hold it warm,
    Shelter it from cold and harm.

    For he knows, that warmth and light
    Live there, hidden from our sight;
    And beneath a sheltering wing,
    Deep below, new life will spring!

    Deep below, deep below, new life will spring!

    Michaelmas Circle:

    The autumn wind blows open the gate,
    O Michael, you, you we await.
    We follow you, show us the way.
    With joy we greet the autumn day,
    Good morning, good morning

    And I wonder who is this Michael? And I hear the wind sing:

    Michael, God’s great knight,
    Strong and pure and shining bright.

    I’ll be a knight of Michael, too,
    And polish my crown to a golden hue.
    Ask the gnomes the iron to mine,
    Iron from the stars, from the earth, so fine,
    To bring to the blacksmith, who with his might
    Will make me a sword, so strong, so bright.

    And we follow the falling stars to the mountain cave where the gnomes are working.

    And the gnomes say:
    With fire and stone, we work with a will
    With our strength and our skill.
    The iron we soften and then we bend
    Into hammers, swords, and nails to mend.
    Dear gnomes, may I have some iron?
    Are you noble? Oh, yes.
    Are you good? Oh, yes.
    And do you hear the singing of the stars? Oh yes.
    Then you may have some iron.
    (Song) Thank you little gnomes, in your crystal homes.

    Oh bring me a galloping horse for to ride,
    A crown on my head, the iron by my side.
    Off to the blacksmith we must go.
    Galloping, galloping, off we go.

    Dear blacksmith, will you make me a sword?
    Of course! for:

    I am a blacksmith, strong and true, Best of work I always do.
    All day long my hammers go, slinging, clanging, clanging, so,
    A rickety, tickity, tickity, tick,
    A rickety, tickity, tickity, tick.

    Thank you, kind blacksmith, for your might.
    I’ll polish my sword, so fine, so bright.
    I will use it for the right,
    Not for some silly quarrel or fight,
    But to drive away evil, I will try
    And protect those who are weaker than I.

    (After a week or two of the preceding, the following is added.)
    Oh bring me a galloping horse for to ride,
    A crown on my head, my sword by my side,
    For it’s off the to castle we will go.
    Galloping, galloping, here we go.

    The knights came together and proclaimed
    No fear here! Michael, be my guide and stand by my side.

    And they knew that Michael was always ready to help.
    Michael, God’s great knight,
    Strong and pure and shining bright.

    Songs and verses compiled from the Wynstones Autumn book, the oral tradition, and other sources

    (As shared on

    1. Thanks for this wonderful sharing, dear Meredith; the poems are glorious and the site of their origin a great source for many things Waldorf!


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