Saturday, August 23, 2014

Update for Second Thousand

Dear Readers, 
      We have now reached the stage of having received 2,000 "hits" on the blog.  Here you will find a graphic and the sources for some of those "hits" over the last month. (This is part of the quite extensive information provided to the blogger by Google.) Our basic intent is to try to find persons who are working with Rudolf Steiner's great gifts or others who would be interested in him and those gifts if they knew about them. 
     While it was anticipated that the US would be where it is on the list , the great surprise has been to find Germany and the Netherlands so prominent on it, countries that are not English-speaking, and to see how few there are in other English-speaking countries where some attempts have been make to make known the site. 
     To mark this occasion of two thousand "hits," a special posting on Rudolf Steiner and his book "The Philosophy of Freedom" has been made.

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