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Verses for Rudolf Steiner and his Book "The Philosophy of Freedom."

Introduction: This is one of the four basic books of Anthroposophy. Among the many references Rudolf Steiner made to it was this one from 1906: "To catch hold of thinking in thinking, to finish rounding out the serpent of eternity -- this is the task of the fifth sub-race. To stimulate this in man -- that is the purpose of the book, "The Philosophy of Freedom."
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The Author

Straight he went to Eden’s door
And he was welcomed in,
A mighty yet humble traveler
Now defeating the wages of sin.

And past the old tree now withering
To the Tree of Life he went,
And gladly the branches bearing its fruit
Down to the traveler bent.

He plucked the fruit, and angel voices
Sang the hymn of creation’s story
And the traveler who was, on the Tree of Man
Purest fruit of its own flowering glory,

Who ate now the fruit, then bearing the core
Straight out he went from Eden
And planted the seeds in a book he wrote
 Called “The Philosophy of Freedom.”

The Choir of the Few

A large choir sang that  freedom’s illusion,
But the  author knew they were wrong,
And he took all the notes of the song they sang
To create a better song.

He played those notes with his thinking,
And O the sweet harmony,
That was created in singing his very new song
In the choir of becoming free!

The Book Confirms

The faithful thinker has the task
Of ending duality
By bringing the world that is without
Within his own reality;

To feel the world’s great waking
To itself within his mind,
Then sending forth a song of love
And joy for all mankind.

No fantasy is given here,
But a truth confirmed by way
Of the life of he who wrote the book
We’re studying here today.


As Only You Can

Just as the sun when rising at dawn
Dispels all the darkness of night,
Giving creation a new day of hope
With its power, its love and its light,

So from this scabbard book you hold,
You can by your powerful will,
From it draw forth thinking's sun-sword of light
And the yearning of creation fulfill.

The Way to the Source

His books and cycles shed true light
On the myths and legends of old,
On the bible, science and so very much more
That enlighten as we strive to take hold.

And the single lectures and articles
Add to the gleaming stream
That ever come bearing with his hope that we
Will wake from our age-old dream,

And make the world transformations
Enthusiastically and following true
In farming, education, religion and drama
All these and more renew.

And the sphere of this creative wholeness
Like a gyroscope faithfully spins
On the point of this book, which will lead you to
The source where it all begins.

The Book

In this new “bible” you will find
A path to the heart with knowing mind,
To an altar moment beyond recall,
Reborn as One, revealed in All.

Follow the Angel

The Angel to John on Patmos said,
“Take you this book and eat.”
Do you the same now with this book
And Death in Life defeat.

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