Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Follow Me."

“Follow Me” 

“Follow me,”says the cold, brilliant Great Being,
“To the stars and to my New World Day
And you’ll live there immortal in bodies that are
Made of earth matter that will never decay.

“And you’ll be there and serve me with powers divine
That were to be yours but I’ve made into mine.”

“Follow me,” Christ on Earth to His Disciples said
“And leave Earth for just a while behind,
And come to the stars and to the Great Beings
Who inside of the Stars you will find

Ready to lead you to where immortal you’ll be
A Being among Beings 
Who has made himself free.”

The One to Be Found

My higher self, the heavenly one, 
Has sent me on a mission
To the Earth, where I am there to wake up
And become the great Truth of the Earth condition.

So to Earth I came to experience illness and pain
And lies and deceit and betrayal,
And loss of others I loved very much 
And experience despair and the great urge for withdrawal,

But I stayed and became here where it could only be
That I’ve now become One with the One who sent me.

Knowing the Sheaths

The world of the senses arouses
In the soul the world of sensations,
And they like a sheath surround the “I”
In feeling and thought permutations.

But very different it is with the “I,”
For it when awaking can become
Itself a sheath for the eternal Truth,
A spirit revelation inpouring with the Light of the Sun.

The sheaths of the ego will in time pass away,
But what the ego ensheaths will grow and stay.

From Soul to Free Spirit

Truth and Goodness are Spirit Mother and Father
Of the ego in the consciousness soul,
Where it at the right time yields itself up to
The Spirit that flows in as into a sheath with the goal

Of forming and living the I with such spirit wealth
That from out of soul life comes the free Spirit-Self.

The Power Is Love

Freedom is the Ego’s true nature,
But it begins by being enslaved 
To so much that it loves but which makes it unfree
And so from itself must be saved.

But how then is this brought to be?
What Power turns the Ego around?
Turns it from sense- addictive dependence
Through withdrawal and pain until true freedom is found?

It’s only on Earth we can here wake and find
That that Power is Christ’s Love now in the hearts of mankind.

And the Son to the Father Prayed...
(John 17:5)

"Let me be revealed in that Light
That shone brightly around me when
In your presence I stood, Holy Father,
Before the world was created for evolving free men.

And I will reveal You to all who come
From You to me so it’s heartfelt and true
In them who believe and who now can be
In me as I Am now as One in you.

But not for all mankind is this yet to be,
Only individuals who are now striving to make themselves free."

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