Saturday, August 9, 2014

Singularities: Technological and Michael-Christ

The Technological Singularity

This Singularity is of that moment 
When A sudden change of state takes place,
And what’s experienced can’t be known in advance
By those pioneering this new human race.

But imagine if you will a wild monkey
Having a singularity change of state
By receiving an ego and the capacity to think --
So of us Singularity might Dark Angels make.

Then on the Earth and from Earth with technological powers,
We could expand through the Universe and rule it as ours!

Earthless and Expanded in Freedom

Michael is the opposite of the cellphone
That amazing tool of contraction,
For Michael expands us into freedom of spirit
Just the opposite of the cell phone’s Earth-perfected abstraction.

And it’s the earth part of the cell phone which is keeping us unfree,
Which is why matter and Michael never together will be.

Foundations of the True Singularity

The Nine-fold Hierarchies of Heaven
Are really of Kindoms Three,
And together they brought forth the lovely Earth
As a glorious Duality.

The Third Hierarchy works in every Soul;
The Second, into the great world of Nature,
And the First Hierarchy rules over that union
Of Soul and Nature together.

And into this union Christ died so that we
Could arise the New World Singularity.

Hurt to the Bone

As son and daughter have left home
And have found themselves and their freedom gained,
And then have returned to the mother with love
To help her in the time that for her now remained,

So, too, the free spirits of the present time
Come back to Mother Earth with love,
Bearing gifts of the spirit that they have gained
And brought down from the heavens above.

But think now of the Earth Mother as hurt to the bone
By those who abuse her - the ones who stayed home.



There’s a Singularity seed in Present Technology
And others based on the unfree Spirit-Past,
But all are illusions, for Christ is not with them
And without His Presence our true freedom is lost.

But Christ Singularity is very hard to attain
Until found is the Way bearing Lord Michael’s Name.

We’re in the Lifeboat

The Great Ship of Being at last sailed away
And lifeboated in his body was man,
But abandoned he was not for he now had the means
To steer himself to his true I am,

Then to board the Great Ship of Being once more
And be there the free being he wasn’t before.

Cold Blood Only in the Cosmos

The Earth can now be conceived,
In this our Technological Age,
As a brain that’s much interconnected
And at a quite special stage.

For we must imagine there is a brain user
(And please note there is really but one),
Who is birthing for itself a great body
With activities that have just lately begun,

With the sending of spaceships that go ever farther
Out into the greatness of space,
Tracing nerve pathways for his great new body
Soon to be travelled by the unfree human race.

But it’s a conscious cold body the brain wants to win
And no blood that is warm will he ever let in.

The Forgetful Prodigal Son

In the land of the glittering pigstye
The Prodigal Son now wants to stay
And make a pigstye of all the earth
In his own greatly-assisted way.

So clothed in false-freedom ideals
“Be like me” goes his word far and wide
And the innocent and the experienced
Are swept up in the pigstye tide.

And the Prodigal Son, forgetful indeed,  
Thinks in origin he was matter unfree,
But now he has freedom and his pigstye self-image
Realized to the full must be.

And to this he’ll accept no barriers or bars
As his earth pigstye prison he expands to the stars.



  1. Sharing these with the with the DWS faculty as part of my Michaelmas presentation! thanks! Trisha

    1. Dear Trisha, So glad you have found some of the verses of value. You're the second one who will be taking some to a Michael Festival. New posting as usual tomorrow (Saturday) morning with the title "Striving Lifewards." Enjoy, Clifford


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