Saturday, August 2, 2014

He Creates the Path

He Creates the Path We Alone can Trod
He came to Earth the Son of God
But much more did He here become,
For later He came on the Clouds of Life
As the Son of Man who had won

A Path for all sons of man to trod
And make of themselves free Sons of God.

Share with Care
You’re making a little real progress in life,
Now be careful with whom you share.
Remember the Lord said give nothing holy to dogs
For on you they will then turn and tear.

For the one thing they hate most is the reality
Of a soul that’s progressed to where they’ve yet to be.

 Beyond Heaven and Earth
I stood once again in the Garden,
The Garden of the Advent Time,
And I saw the Great Fall in it’s unredeemed Future
And the Babe in the Present and what still could be mine,

Which was to be with the ever-sounding Word,
Which with Heaven and Earth gone, would still be heard.
The Michael Change
It really is a very long way
From having in mind the notion
That I’m only a drop in the vastness of all
The world-wide starry ocean,

To that of the ocean surrounding me
Into which I can expand self-consciously.

Saying ‘Yes” on the Road
(John 21:15-17)
He has loved us since the beginning
And made sure that we were prepared
When at last we were able to make ourselves free
We’d have the strength not to be ensnared

By the opposing powers who kept hidden from us
The new question that had come to be,
For He who loved all, and would always love all
Now asks of us, “Do you love Me?”

And we can say “yes” whether shepherd or king
If on the long freedom road we are now travelling.

The “I” as Seed
The beautiful dung-heap that is our Earth,
Last stage of Great Beings Divine,
On it I shall grow red roses
For a future that’s free and mine,

For as I from the dung-heap strive to be freed
I become in the rose blossom its new Divinity Seed.


  1. Oh Clifford, What a gift you are sharing. Thank you. Sally Rutledge

  2. Thank so very much, Sally, for the kind and encouraging comment. So glad to receive it. New post on "Singularities" available today, Saturday,
    August 9 . With every best wish, Clifford


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