Saturday, July 26, 2014

With an Image Here and There

At the Pyramid Capstone

Imagine if you can, imagine if you will,
That moment in the dark desert when the sun
Shone its first ray that touched the capstone of gold
On the pyramid announcing that a new day had begun.

So too can it be for us today
When we build our own pyramid within
And the inner sun rises and touches the tip
Of the capstone of gold you struggled so hard to win.

Then out of world darkness you’re welcomed inside
Of all previously known only from the outside.

Two Directions, One Destination

Truly there are some well-ripened fruits
And if one is squeezed quite gently,
The seed will pop out and then the split
Can be closed once again quite carefully.

Now imagine you are the seed popped out,
Once inside and now separated,
And bearing the power that brought forth the fruit
Before from it you were  emancipated.

So now as a perceiving and thinking seed
Your origin you’ll have the urge to know,
So you’ll seek a way into the fruit once again
Through the birth mark that will still faintly show.

But truly the same origin can be found no less
By the journey inward to seed beingness.

It’s True Because...

Popped out of the fruit of the World Tree
Was the nature seed of me,
And I was potentialled for nothing more
Than again such a fruit to be.

But something special then happened
The source of the World Tree then came
And entered me so I could produce
A tree and fruit not at all the same.

So out of the old I’m now sprouting the new
And becoming like the One who makes all of this true.

Fragrance Begins with Seeding

Perhaps you have dreamt of the Garden of Wisdom
Where the Fragrance of Love fills the air.
Perhaps you want now a gardener to become
And create such a garden so fair.

But your own seeds of love you must first plant in the earth
Before the fragrance of love in your garden has birth.

Finally There Comes the Schoolroom of Choice

A mother’s heart is the child’s first schoolroom*
Then other schoolrooms come along,
And they have teachers who give knowledge and guidance
As prepared is the student to make him quite strong

To enter the world, which is a schoolroom, too,
And life itself is there the man’s teacher
With others who will be striving like him
As they work on their destiny and their future.

But there’s still one more schoolroom I can freely choose
Whether I will to or will not to attend,
And that is the schoolroom where the teacher I find
Is my higher self  in the realm that is without end.

And if I allow him to become the teacher of me
In the realm without end as one we will be.

(*Henry Ward Beecher 1813-1887)

Time To Enter Time

The materiality of the world
And with it the dimension of space,
Together make a corpse and a coffin
And this is something that we need to face.

And by that is meant that the time has come
That we proceed without hesitation,
To get on with the funeral so that we can then
Prepare to bring to it a slow resurrection,

Which we can accomplish through the bread and the wine,
Which means following Christ Jesus out of Space into Time.

On Return, Never Alone

When Death leaves his Kingdom
He’s ever alone,
But always with another
He returns home.

Together Radiating

The outer sun shines down upon
The golden crown of me,
And reflected is the sun from my gold,
Reflected most gloriously.

But in my crown I’ve a jewel
And it’s of the highest worth,
And it was to attain this splendid jewel
That from heaven I came to Earth.

And this stone is crystal clear absolutely
And reflects the sun not at all,
For it is the stone that can radiate light
When set free in the heart where it’s now held in thrall

Awaiting my coming to freely set it free
So together we can radiate and a new world bring to be.

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