Monday, July 21, 2014

Update for the First Thousand

Dear Readers, 

 I'm very pleased to inform you that the blog has of today received its first thousand hits. This in just under two months of being on-line. However, I'm informed by a friend with considerable blog knowledge that it doesn't mean that a thousand people have read the material, but have just visited the blog.  A quite sobering thought. But it's a beginning and, who knows, the percentage who have read something of it may be considerable.

What has been the most interesting so far has been to learn where in the world the hits have been taking place. With the help of statistical background material provided by Google, it's possible to know this, (and much more as well). But here are some of the countries where the hits have originated: United States (by far the largest number), Germany, India, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Phillipines, Ukraine (!), England, and quite a number more.

Only one comment has been made during this time by someone who found the image in a verse a source of pleasure, and that in its turn was a pleasure for me and quite encouraging. I've decided to put together more verses somewhat the same and post them next Saturday,  perhaps with an introduction of some sort.

Please comment if you find this Update useful. My intention is to provide one after each one thousand hits.

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