Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well-Prepared and Purposed

 Well-Prepared and Purposed

There is a great heavenly Laundry
Where in consciousness deeper than dream,
I take my very soiled old soul
And scrub it myself until it’s gloriously clean.

Then naked I go to the Laundry Owner
To  work with Him on my very next goal,
And then I return to the Laundry to find ready
My fragrant, unwrinkled and snug-fitting soul.

And it’s away then to karma and the matter of birth
So I’m prepared for my next great adventure on Earth.

Multitudes and One

Everything  upon the Earth
Is relative to something other,
Which means that all relationships are
Here on Earth of a very great number.

But if you think on this the thought can be won
That Earth and all on it relate to One Sun.

What The I Am Brought

What did Christ bring to humanity
That we can in the future share?
He brought that which is in the creation
And in it can be found everywhere.

But the origin of it was what he brought to man,
And it is the reality of  I Am.

The Seed of Immortality Is In My Shadow

I see my shadow before me
Because the light’s been blocked by my body,
And I yearn to know in my shadow world
Where in truth I can find my reality.

Well, search in the shadow for there you’ll find
The light was blocked but the spirit streamed through,
And so in the shadow you can find
In truth the present reality of you.

So dismiss not the shadow until from it you’ve freed
The potential of your true immortality seed.

He’s Circling At This Very Moment

A Knight and Lady Nature in
a meadow sat
Locked in gaze most lovingly,
And nothing but the other existed for each other,
A fact very plain to see.

Meanwhile around them circled a dragon
His circles growing smaller and smaller,
And the end had to be that they unfree
Must live that dragon’s future.

But at his side this knight had a sword,
The iron sword of Lord Michael,
And with eyes unlocked and that sword in his hand
He could send that dragon back home to hell.

And breathless the gods wait for the unlocking of eyes
So man’s freedom is birthed or still locked it then dies.

I’m Now to Conduct Out of What I Came

All of the glory of the cosmic orchestra
Had been created and was sounding through me,
And I was formed in those sounding tones
To reflect its total harmony.

And when of that music there came no more,
Before it I stood holding its written score.

And I find now the score is unfinished
So I must a conductor become,
And stir to new life this orchestra now silent 
So in triumph to its ending in sounding can come.

But before that can happen the Composer I must find,
So in freedom I conduct with His intention in mind.

Love Obtained Through Obedience

I intend to obey the laws,
To render unto to them what’s due,
For that is the only way that I know
To attain the freedom for what I want to do,

Which is from the law to set everything free
With the love I shall have won through my obediency.


  1. I really like the image of the laundry in "Well Prepared and Purposed."

  2. So glad to get a first comment; it's like a great encouragement boost! For the next post, I'll try to pull together others that have a picture nature.


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