Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wings From the Purified Heart

Wings From the Purified Heart
I formed for myself a chrysalis
Which every day I entered in,
But just for a while with there the intent
Of using then leaving Original Sin.

I wish I could say that I feel
The forming of wings for my hoped-for-flight,
But I who had grown so tired of earth crawling
Who there in the dark was striving for light,

Had to discover after so long in the dark
Wing-forming comes only from a purified heart.

If Only

If only Natural Science could
Escape from its obsession
With the Good Friday Body of Christ
To the One of His Resurrection,
It wouldn’t be sending now into space 
The cleverest technology of every kind,
It could be sending out light like a sun
From its resurrection mind.

A Spiritual Science then it would be
Leading while serving humanity.
What’s Found in Soul-Gold

It’s always after death the souls must go
To the Great Gold Miner in the sky,
Who washes all souls in the Water of Life
Hoping flecks of soul-gold to descry.

For these are the souls so special in the dross
Of the dark mountains of souls He ever must wash.

And each fleck of soul-gold that He finds
Gives Him immeasurable pleasure,
For it means that His Son on Earth was found,
The Son now united with these souls forever.

And He knows as the Father of the Creation of Old,
There’s a New One beginning in these flecks of soul-gold.

Going Home with My Compassionate Father

When I’ve become weary on my  journey,
Which I’ve consciously undertaken,
And for a while the light’s grown very dim
And both my faith and knowledge are shaken,

I call to mind the Prodigal Son
Who once had great heavenly wealth,
Who squandered it all and later in a pigstye
He came at last to an awakened self.

And this self was his greatest treasure
Not even heaven could give to him,
And to gain it he had to be pushed out of the Garden
And lead many hard lives in Original Sin.

And as I now falter I pray our Father will come
With compassion as He did for the Prodigal Son.

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