Saturday, June 14, 2014

From Depth to Surface

From Depth to Surface

The great exchange that has taken place

Is now quite easy to see;

Brilliant we’ve become with the surface of things
But depth has disappeared completely.

Long ago we still felt the depth that was there
And before that we were unconscious within it,
But with intellect ascendent our brilliant selves
Onto the depthless can only now fit.

The intellect with instruments may all cut and sever,
But with surface it’s confronted always and ever.

Free To Choose

World creation’s direction and purpose
Was to bring one species to the state
Where it could achieve its freedom then receive
The power to purpose self-fate.

(That freedom can be realized in that which he chooses
Or lost to the One who his freedom opposes.)

Nothing To Be Left Unfree

The purpose and direction of the future 

Will be given over to man

Once he’s achieved his uniqueness in freedom
And can stand before the future as its beginning I am.

But he must enter into the unfreedom
Of that which he’s helped to become,
For freedom’s realization in unfreedom begins
And only therein is it finally won.

This realization of freedom for man must be
Such that nothing of prior purpose is left unfree.

Incomplete Views

The divine is the source 
of the glorious world
That fills us with joy and awe,
And also divine is our thinking
By which
We understand it all.

But different are other's world opinions
That arouses awe in them, too;
They say what’s created Created itself

And the thinking about it we do.

So down from Divinity all comes for some,
And up from below others say it’s self-spun.

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