Saturday, June 28, 2014

He Is the Bridge

He Is the Bridge

Until the Deed on Golgotha,
(His free Deed All-Loving and Good),
No bridge could be found
Between the Two Trees
That separate in Paradise stood.

On Golgotha that bridge for us He has won
And our crossing to the Life Tree can now be begun.

Life Once More In Gold

Slowly there came in the course of time
Harvests that were only of straw,
And in our despair we hungered then
For the life that had been there before.

But our future potential was then to us told;
You’ll hunger no more if you spin straw into gold.

Love Finds Itself in the Free Other

Evolution poured out made the stage
For the great world drama where we find
The author plays in it so in freedom might unfold
A being quite different in kind.

And then the One Who is the play’s Author
Will experience His Love in the free being of the other.
To Him Who Overcomes...

(Revelation 2:7,11,17,27-28; 3:5,12; 21:7)

What are the promises made to me
If I like Him should overcome?
Here you will find them as in Revelation written
As they follow each other one by one.

You shall eat from the Tree of Life and be
Ever and always partaking of Me.

No harm from your second death will you suffer
For then will you and I Am be together.

I will give you the manna and the white stone
That bears the name by you only known.

I’ll make you the shepherd of all near and far
And also I’ll give you the Morning Star.

And your name in the Great Book of Life shall be written
And by Me before God Father it shall be spoken.

And of the Father’s Temple you shall be a Pillar
With my Father’s and My Name inscribed on forever.

And finally shall you sit on the throne with Me
For you will have won Spirit Victory.

And our God as the Father of you His new Son
Is truly in deed what you will have won.

My promises all to all I shall keep
And be fulfilled for everyone
Who takes the Path that on Earth I took
The Path that led Me to overcome.

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