Saturday, July 5, 2014

Michael Speaks

Michael Speaks
His words with power were spoken
And sounded with spirit clear,
And the words were heard by those who’d prepared
Themselves these words to hear:

“Yours is the world now forsaken
By all once in it divine,
But you are divine and can so awaken
With the help of these deeds of mine.”

And his deeds for us, leaving us free in the  giving,
Help us raise our dead thoughts once more to the living.

With More Than a Little Help
Only the ones who were struggling out from
That which of Earth was enchaining them,
These ones who’d awakened to Christ in their hearts
And would ever avoid Earth-enchainment again,

Only these were the ones, and the only ones
That the dragon desired to bring destruction upon
As they made their progress on the Christ destiny path
With will in thinking by themselves made strong.

And as to freedom they travelled not all were aware
That Lord Michael had the dragon at bay in his lair.

(A Michael Motto)

When the Hand of Matter is taken from mine
I pass into sleep of Life Divine;
But when that Hand I myself disengage,
I wake in the Life of the Michael Age.
Lord Michael Is the One to Be With
Our abstract thoughts are useful
For they indicate what we can’t see,
And that is really not so bad
If our thoughts avoid lawless fantasy.

For these abstract thoughts that are shadows
Are shadows of something that’s real,
That have  life and sentience and being
And this I now strongly feel,

So I’m searching for Michael because I know that he
Can lead me from my shadows to reality.

Our Great Friend of Always
You build in your struggle pure thinking to achieve
A strong bridge of the understanding
That you can be free, but the experience of it
Comes only when on the bridge you are crossing.

And for that you will need the one guide known so well
As our great friend of always, the Lord Michael.

 The Michael Change

It really is a very long way
From having in mind the notion
That I’m only a drop in the vastness of all
The world-wide starry ocean,

To that of the ocean 's inner being in me
Into which I can expand self-consciously.

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