Thursday, May 29, 2014

Light is the Body of Love

Light is the Body of Love

The candles guttered then went out

For the wax was all through impure,
And cleansed from within all had to be
That different its light than before.

As each was cleansed each one was lit

By the One called the Spirit most Holy,
And single was the Light of all of them
In which each was at one individually.
And that Light is the Body of God’s own Son
And in that Body alone can His Presence be won.

Filled to the Brim

Cleansed were the vessels of old

And emptied of all unclean

By each and all who’d awakened from
The age-old sleep and dream.
Then filled were they to the brim once more
With the Spirit most Holy, Love’s Body most pure.

 Spirit Self Beholding

I will to behold myself

As the one who actively

Is bringing forth the light in which
Beheld in that light I can be.
Opportunity Buyers

Each day they’re buying for us,

(And paying for it with pain),

A world that stays in balanced order
So that from it we gain

Untroubled time in which we can

Choose freely ourselves to strive
To waken our eternal Self
While yet on Earth alive.

We can then join the buyers all

So we like them can be

In that joy, we gain through pain,
As one in the Love-Light Community.

(Those who follow this know always Good Friday

Is followed by the joy of Resurrection Sunday.)


The outer light leads

To differentiation,

The valid gift of Lord Lucifer;
But darkened it becomes
Electric separation

In Ahriman’s realm of sub-nature.

Inner light alone can from this set us free

When we radiate as light self-consciously.
9/25/09 -9/15/09

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