Saturday, May 21, 2016

Overview the of the Book So Far

Dear Friends, Dear Readers,

Here you will find the next posting of Book Three: (Section Two) of "The Mystery of Golgatha." The title is, "Old Saturn and the Seed--Birth of Man’s Physical Body (Phantom)." Click Here.

For new readers, here is all of the material of the book that has been posted before--in essence, an overview:

Book One: From the pre-Earthly beginnings of the Mystery of Golgotha to Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Resurrection Sunday. Additionally, the New Age of Michael and its significance is presented. Click here.

Book Two: Preparing for the Cosmic Drama of the Turning Point of Time. Introductory material including details of the physical body (Phantom) of man.
Also, descriptions of the nine layers of the Earth’s interior. Click here.

Book Three: “At the Turning Point of Time: The Cosmic-Earth Drama”: (Section One) Christ Self-Revealed in the seven I Am’s of the John Gospel. Click here.

Book Four: 

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