Monday, May 16, 2016

New Postings for the Mystery of Golgatha Book

Dear Friends, Dear Readers, Since the last posting much has been achieved to add substance to this work in general with its theme of “can a free being be created?” and also with the intent in particular to reveal as much  as can be gained at this time concerning the Mystery of Holy Saturday and Christ’s Descent into Hell.

 The last posting of “Conquering Death: from Good Friday to Easter Sunday” has been renamed “Preparing for the Cosmic Drama of the Turning Point of Time” and the details concerning the nine levels of the Earth’s interior are presented in a simpler form. It is available for download by clicking here.

Additionally, as of the present, the attempt will be made to go further in a context now of seeing the Mystery of Golgotha as a three-act drama, a cosmic one with the title “The Turning Point of Time,” with Saturday as the second act with nine scenes, the nine levels of the Earth’s interior.

 Those nine scenes will have two principal players: the physical body of the human being, the Phantom, and the other, the Christ, the cosmic I Am.
To ensure the significance of what unfolds in these nine scenes between the Phantom and the Christ, details concerning them follow in book three in which The Christ reveals Himself in the John Gospel’s seven I Am’s. Also appended is a brief statement concerning the nature of Christ  by R.Steiner. (Details concerning the Phantom will soon follow.)
The first part of the material is given here as a clickable link.

2): In our research several other items of interest came to light and are listed here as supplements, should you choose to read them.
Readers will perhaps be astonished when they read the first item,  which is a poem by Goethe written when he was sixteen years of age; it is entitled “Thoughts on Jesus Christ’s Descent into Hell.” Click here:

3) Finally, with regard to Holy Saturday, we have reported before that there is very little to be found in the Gospels concerning it, but we can now add the Catholic Church as having little to add also in its public teaching. 
And yet there are many, many details concerning Holy Saturday available. Where then is the source?
Here a few personal details: several years ago the local Christian Community church presented an Easter drama with the title, “The Redentin Easter Play.” It is a medieval folk play and it unfolds Holy Saturday and Christ’s Descent into Hell in great detail and with much humor. (Waldor teachers will remember the quality of the Oberufer plays.) This Redentin play is considered the best of all Holy Saturday plays and it, like the others, appear to have their one source in the Nicodemus Gospel, one of the apocryphal Gospels. The essential details concerning Saturday from that dococument are given here for those who would like to read it in this form: Click here.

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