Monday, September 14, 2015

Verses for Children (Waldorf School Perspective) Grades 1-3

Introduction: ( This Post was written a long time ago and was forgotten for posting. The other blog promised below is now on its way to reality)
( Another blog connected with this one will be available later on that covers the 1-8 grades with some plays as well as verses of different kinds.)
 The Ideal: (Condensed from the lecture here noted.) Moral nature is awakened through feelings stimulated by pictures authoratatively conveyed primarily by a teacher possessed of imagination and is a model for the children. "Human Values in Education" by Rudolf Steiner.
 Consonants and Vowels)
(First Grade)

Mighty are the mountains,
Massiveness is theirs,
And an M they often make
When they meet in pairs.

Blended Consonants 

Thistle, thistle though you be
Prickle thick and sharp to me,
Above your thorns I love your crown,
Soft feathered thatch of thistle-down.

Sounds from the Soul (Vowels)
(With Fun)
A, AI ,EI,

An elephant is of very great weight,
A butterfly is of a weightless state,
I'd wait with a butterfly on my nose
But not with an elephant weight on my toes.

From the Fairy Tale the "Fisherman and His Wife"
(First Grade)

Five times the fish in the ocean foam
Gave to the woman a very fine home,
But she was greedy and asked for more,
So the fish sent her back what she's had before.

Saints and Animals
(Second Grade)


Two goats met at a chasm
Each on the different side,
And each began to cross over on the tree trunk
That bridged that chasm wide.

Alas the trunk was narrow
And no passing could there be,
So stubbornly they butted each other until
Both fell to die most miserably.

The Song of the Birds
(For morning singing)

Bluebird was so very sick
He lay abed and could not fly,
And all his many friends then thought
That he would surely die.

But when good Hummingbird was chosen
As the wisest of all birds,
To all his feathered friends around him
Sang he to them these learned words:

“When the Lord of Light arises
From his cave there in the East,
Sing we all with joy and pleasure,
Sing the greatest and the least.”

So they did, and O the wonder!
Bluebird chirped then flew away,
So for good health the birds then decided
The’d all sing each dawn of day.

(Third Grade Material at another time.)

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