Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Temporary Change of Pace.

Introduction: Dear Readers, We much regret the absence of a posting last Saturday, but for this week, as a transition to  something larger in the future, we are offering a single verse recently written, for your reading pleasure. Any comments offered would be greatly appreciated.

The Child: A Growing, Individual Work of Art

Imagine a teaching faculty as an Art- Collective
All striving together in mind and heart
To help the growing child its nature to work on
So it becomes for each child his own work of art.

Some will help the child form a flexible mind,
Some will make sure color and form are there,
And others will bring modeling, music and verse
And gardens that are growing with loving care.

And with the arts of math and science integrated 
And reverence and wonder birthed artistically well,
The whole will one day be that work of art
In which the child's true being can in freedom dwell.

A dream you might say, but a beginning’s been made
And these faculties grow ever stronger in this Michael Age.



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